Translation of finish - Dictionary : English-Cherokee


Verb conjugation Top


I finish
you finish
he/she/it finishes
we finish
you finish
they finish

Simple past

I finished
you finished
he/she/it finished
we finished
you finished
they finished

Present perfect

I have finished
you have finished
he/she/it has finished
we have finished
you have finished
they have finished

Past continuous

I was finishing
you were finishing
he/she/it was finishing
we were finishing
you were finishing
they were finishing


I shall finish
you will finish
he/she/it will finish
we shall finish
you will finish
they will finish

Continuous present

I am finishing
you are finishing
he/she/it is finishing
we are finishing
you are finishing
they are finishing


I be finished
you be finished
he/she/it be finished
we be finished
you be finished
they be finished
Definition Top
  1. finishes: end, completion, conclusion; final stage; polish, final coating on a surface; final details; something which completes or perfects
  2. finishes, finished, finishing: terminate, end; be terminated; bring to an end; destroy; defeat; complete, perfect; add the finishing touches
  3. (n) It was a very close finish (= end to the race), but I just managed to win. Most political commentators are predicting a close finish in this election. The project has been very badly organized from start to finish (= all the way through) . Both sides in the civil war are bent on a fight to the finish (= they intend to fight until one side has been defeated) . The finish of a material such as wood is the condition of the surface of the material. Look at the lovely shiny finish on that piano. A finish is also the last covering of varnish, polish or paint, that is put onto something. Even a clear finish will alter the colour of wood slightly, usually making it darker. These cupboards are available in a range of finishes.
  4. Used in the context of general equities.
  5. The final coat of paint applied to a vehicle.original finish.
  6. The overall look of a vehicle so that the paint, for instance, is evenly applied, there are no bare spots, etc. Usually this word is used in the expression "fit and finish."
  7. Surface refinement as in "smooth finish."
  8. A tasting term. It refers to the taste that lingers on your palate after a puff. Mild cigars do not have much finish, either in terms of length or complexity. But stronger, more full-bodied cigars have distinctive flavors that linger for a while.