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  1. under, below; underneath; inferior; unworthy; lower than
  2. under, below
  3. preposition - in or to a lower position than, under Jeremy hid the letter beneath a pile of papers. We huddled together for warmth beneath the blankets. I had arranged to meet him beneath the statue in the park. After weeks at sea, it was wonderful to feel firm ground beneath our feet once more. You'd never guess it, but beneath (= hidden by) his cool exterior there beats a heart of pure passion. Emma was so tired and hungry that her legs were beginning to give way beneath her (= she was about to fall over) . They think it's beneath them (= below what they consider to be socially acceptable to them) to do their own housework. She always thought that she had married beneath her (= that she had married someone of a lower social position) . I would have thought that making a nasty comment like that was beneath him (= he would not be expected to say it) .
  4. Used for listed equity securities. 1) Behind; 2) Lower in price.